Propeller Management Company

The Propeller Management Company is an enterprise with a single purpose: to do Preferential Procurement better.

Preferential Procurement is the currency of empowerment. Perhaps the main driver of compliance with the BEE codes is that clients demand Preferential Procurement points from their suppliers. Rather than focussing on the overall level of empowerment, Propeller tries to optimise the delivery of Preferential Procurement points.

In doing so Propeller is not subverting the aims of empowerment. Quite the opposite. We support Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment. Where empowerment has enriched a lucky few, Propeller benefits broad based organisations doing real good in our country. Working completely within the Revised Codes of Good Practice, our approach aligns the interests of our clients, their clients and our broad-based black partners.

For many companies, Preferential Procurement is the most difficult element of the BEE Codes to achieve. Because it is a Core Pillar of the Codes, companies need to score at least 40% of the target of 25 points. If companies fail to score at least 10 points, they will be discounted an empowerment level. Given how hard it is to achieve a useful recognition level under the Revised Codes, this is a very costly penalty. Propeller's proprietary solution can achieve as much as 1.33 Preferential Procurement points per 1% of Total Measured Procurement Spend.

By giving control of Preferential Procurement back to our clients, we turn empowerment into a competitive advantage.

Propeller Management Company

is an Empowering Supplier and a majority black owned Exempted Micro Enterprise. This means that it qualifies for both Enterprise Development and Supplier Development contributions. If potential clients make an Enterprise Development contribution to the Propeller Management Company before purchasing our Preferential Procurement solution from us, they will qualify for a bonus Supplier Development point for graduating an ED recipient to a supplier. All expenditure with Propeller Management Company delivers all the same Preferential Procurement points as the enterprises we set up for clients. This is likely to amount to 1.33 points for each 1% of TMPS that is spent with us.

Contact us to explain how you can achieve these and other points most efficiently.

Our Empowerment Credentials

SMP Supplies is a Level 2 Exempt Micro Enterprise and an Empowering Enterprise.

We are 51% Black owned and 51% Black woman owned.

This means that we can deliver up to 1.33 Preferential Procurement points for each 1% of Total Measured Procurement Spend (TMPS) our clients spend with us. (See the Understanding Preferential Procurement tab to find out how.)

Our Empowerment partners are broad based organisations that fund rural woman micro-entrepreneurs and up-skill township maths and science teachers. (See the Our Empowerment Partners tab for more details.)